Sponsorship Opportunities

Headline Sponsor

The Spikes Asia Headline sponsor is associated with all aspects of Spikes Asia and receives the most eyeballs during the three day festival.

The massive presence positions your brand as an authority in your industry to the thousands of delegates and visitors at both our Festival and Awards venue. You can beat through the crowd and get in front of everyone else.



As a sponsor of one of our Awards, you will have sole ownership of this category within Spikes Asia, so that you can leverage your brand throughout all category-specific communications. You will also have branding during the awards ceremony in the evening and clear association throughout all related PR and press activities.

Delegate Bags

Every Spikes Asia attendee will be given a delegate bag upon registration – making it a fantastic branded opportunity. Building profile awareness among the entire delegate base.


The lanyard attached to the delegate badge provides fantastic brand exposure. It is frequently captured in photographs taken at and around the venue during the festival by our delegates.

Delegate Badges

Every Spikes Asia attendee wears an ID badge for the duration of their time at the event. One side of this pass is available for branding, making it an ideal medium through which to build profile awareness among the entire delegate base.

Festival Programme Page

Opportunity to build brand recognition with the industry’s most promising talent. Branding in the programme lives on even after the Festival as attendees take it home or to the office as a reference and share with colleagues.



The Spikes Asia app brings the festival to the hands of our delegates. It allows attendees to explore the programme content, keep up with the latest news, photos and videos from the festival.

The sponsor will have integration into an award-winning, highly utilised platform relied upon by the target audience, plus internal branding within the app. There will also be the option to customise part of the platform to the sponsors’ own specifications.


WiFi at any event is in high demand. Each year, delegates can use the number on their badge to long into a private Spikes Asia network. WiFi sponsorship gives your brand prominent association with something that is viewed as an absolute essential. The WiFi sponsor will have alignment with one of the must-have Festival elements for the 1,500 attendees. They will benefit from brand exposure every time a delegate logs onto the network as well as profile-building through the broad cross-section of countries represented by delegates.


Closing Night Party

Networking is one of Spikes Asia’s biggest draws, and sponsoring the opening and closing parties puts your company front and centre at what is always a highlight of the delegate experience.

Spikes Asia Happy Hours

Sole ownership of happy hours and promotions around the Bar. A relaxed environment for attendees to network and socialise. A popular choice for delegates who like to unwind after a day at the festival.

Jury Dinner

Each year, all the Spikes Asia jurors, consisting of the most senior and brilliant creative talent from across Asia Pacific gather for a VIP dinner just before the start of the festival. This is a unique opportunity to position yourself with the most credible and respected individuals in the industry.

Talent and Training


Young Spikes Integrated Competition: Teams have 48 hours to come up with a fully integrated campaign in response to a brief before demonstrating how it can be launched and executed.

Young Spikes Media Competition: Teams are challenged to use their business insight and strategy skills to develop an innovative media strategy and plan with 24 hours.

Young Spikes Digital Competition: Teams have 24 hours to develop an integrated social media campaign and competitors are judged on their ability to use social media inventively.

Young Spikes PR Competition: Fresh from 2017, teams of PR professionals craft a PR strategy that connects with the organisations’ brand value, engages with the public and builds relations with relevant stake holders.

Student Creative Award for Print: Students are asked to create a poster in response to a brief and the winner selected by the jury will invited to experience the festival first-hand.


Young Spikes Marketers Academy: Three days of targeted tuition for young marketers and brand managers, exploring the importance of creativity for brands today and relationship between creativity and effectiveness.

Young Spikes Media Academy: Exclusive presentations from industry leaders and thinkers are incorporated into the three days of learning to help young professionals understand the value and execution of creativity in media channels.

Young Spikes Creative Academy: A combination of bespoke sessions led by industry experts with access to handpicked seminars from the main festival programme allow students to build essential creative skills during the intensive three-day programme.

Young Spikes Account Executive Academy: A programme designed to inspire and equip young agency account executives with the tools to lead ground-breaking creativity. Participants gain a deeper understanding of how creativity makes a real difference for both client and agency.

Young Spikes Digital Academy: Young media professionals gain an invaluable opportunity to embrace innovation in creative technology and better understand the digital creative process while finessing their own unique style.

Tangrams Effectiveness Academy @ Spikes: This programme gives young marketers, brand managers and strategists everything they need to successfully deliver brand marketing strategies with effectiveness at their core.


Venue spaces

There are self-contained spaces within the venue where sponsors can hold their own creative activations in areas of high footfall. We can be as imaginative as we like here within the parameters of the festival hall.


There is an option to create a branded area right in the heart of the action, from which to house client meetings, demonstrate products or engage face to face with speakers and delegates – we are happy to discuss bespoke idea for this space.

With all of these spaces, you can bring them to life to demonstrate your own unique brand values and purpose. Spikes Asia is an engaging and entertaining experience, where attendees can mingle, relax and make connections, so anything we do together will need to enhance the delegate experience.


We pride ourselves on being able to develop new propositions and solutions for interested parties. One size fits all packages do not cut it in this day and age.

We look forward to working closely with our clients to help achieve their business objectives in unique, fit-for-purpose ways at the festival.


Small branded giveaways are a simple but effective method of raising your profile among the Spikes Asia attendees.